Traffic Rider Mod APK

Experience unlimited thrills with Traffic Rider Mod APK! Ride through stunning landscapes, customize your bikes, and conquer endless highways. Download now for an enhanced gaming adventure with unlocked features and boundless fun.

Version: 1.99b | Size: 151.7 MB


One of the most liked and praised games for today’s generation. The one who likes motorbikes can’t resist himself from playing this game and enjoy the real-world bike riding. The whole new experience of realistic world, all realistic sounds and roads. To add more excitement to the play it has many innovative features for its players.

In today’s world everyone has access to mobile phones and who doesn’t like to play games with friends and close ones. And people who like racing games will not find anything more exciting than this game. This game will engage you for a long time.

The 3D graphics present in this game adds more thrill to the game. It feels like you are on the real road riding a fascinating motorbike with the features of your own choice. This game has the same sound quality as original bike riding sounds.

You get a large variety of bikes in this game. You can choose your favorite bikes from 20+ options available in the game. You will get a thrilling experience while riding the bike of your own choice. You have the full liberty to add extra features to your bike and start enjoying your adventure.

What is Traffic Rider Mod APK?

Mod is a verified version of the original one. In the mod version you will get everything unlocked from all the available options of the motor bikes to all the features available out there. You also get money without crossing any level.

You have to go through many levels and win a hefty amount of money to unlock other available options of the features and motorbikes. What if I say that all these options can be provided without going through the difficult levels?

YES! This is possible only with this MOD Version of this game.

This MOD VERSION is like ‘icing on the cake’ for your game experience. You just have to enjoy your rides without thinking about the money and you also have a large variety of bikes in your list, and you can choose any of them. The MOD version is also known as the unlocked version of the game.

Once you get all these perks for free, you can enjoy your game with full energy and excitement. With realistic sound and realistic roads experience. You have cars and trucks all around you and you have to cross all of them without banging anyone on the way.

Once you start playing this game. I am sure there is no going back. You get 26 motorbikes options. Isn’t it amazing users?

And all these are freely available for you. You can choose any of them with the surprising features available.

This game is played all over the world, so no need to worry about the language problem. There are 18 language options available for the player. So, there are NO HURDLES on your way to the game. Just go and download the mod version with the link provided below in this article.

To unveil the features of this game. Keep reading the article till the end.


Gameplay of Trafic Rider Mod

Once you download and install the app from Google. First you have to open the app. You will say different options on your screen. Tap on the menu you will be astonished to see such a wide variety of features available in the menu.

Firstly, you have to select a bike of your choice as you have 26 options available for the bikes, you can choose any one of the options available in the menu. The game has a career mode in which you have to eliminate other vehicles to earn points and rewards.

You also have the freedom to add different features if you are willing to do so. There are different seasons available in which you can ride the bike for example the rainy season or winters, you also have options to ride on mountains, rocks, streets etc.

You have to ride the bike faster to win the game. This game is not so complicated to play. The player can easily understand the way of playing this game. That’s the reason that people are engaging themselves in this game.


Storyline of Trafic Rider Mod

In the game, the players will face different challenges while riding on the road. You will come across several situations coming on your way while playing this game. You will have to compete with the skilled bikers in the game.

The game introduces you to the compelling gameplay. Ride on the highways along with the cars and other vehicles on multiple lane roads. You will face the ultimate bikers who are willing to face any of the challenges to win the game.

You will have to face multiple hurdles like traffic lights, turn on signals and so on. You have to be THE BEST to be on the top of the leaderboard.

Just add your traffic knowledge with your riding talent, beat your competitors and win the mission.

Features of Traffic Rider

Awesome Attributes

While playing the game you will be astonished to see such a large variety of attributes available. You can customize your environment according to your own will.

Top Notch Graphics

This game provides you with the fabulous graphics with which you can enhance your game. You can add any graphics present in the game. The benefit about this MOD VERSION is that you don’t have to pay a penny for this.

User-Friendly Interface 

The Traffic Rider Mod APK is not so difficult to understand and play. It provides you with a user-friendly interface which means if you are not an expert in racing games ‘NO NEED TO WORRY’. It is easy to understand, you just have to follow the instructions displayed on your screen and THERE YOU ARE on the road to compete with the fellow contestants.

Missions and Levels 

There is 40+ missions for the players to cross. This game engages you in every aspect, you will not be able to leave the game in between as the levels keep on getting excited. Enjoy every mission with its unique aspects and win the game to be on the top of the leaderboard.

Motorbikes Privilege

There are multiple options for the players to choose from the wide range of options available in the game. Not only this, but the bikes are also of the real brands present in the works, so the players have full liberty to choose their favorite bike of their favorite brand. You will get sports bikes in the list which you can choose according to your mission. You also get freedom to customize your bikes with the options available in the menu.


To stimulate the competitive feeling between the players. This game collects all your online achievements and shows it on the leaderboard. Once you complete any of the missions, it will be displayed on the leaderboard. This shows your progress in the game from the day 1 of playing it.

Prominent Ambience

The surroundings enhance the experience of riding the bike. There are a number of options for the players to choose any of the climates of your choice. For example, you can choose mountains, snow, plain, rocks etc. You can also choose the time of your own choice to ride the bike like early morning, noon, night anything you want. It looks realistic while riding the bike.

Front Camera View

The players get an option to choose the front view which will help in crossing the hurdles coming on the way. You will be able to see the distance at which the cars are present, what else is there on the way while riding the bike. It becomes easy for the players to complete any mission. The players can easily see the surroundings while passing through any track.


The mod version of the game provides the players with the real-world motorbikes sounds. There are various sounds recorded and assigned to each and every bike accordingly. This makes the game more thrilling and exciting.

Rewards and Winnings

Once you complete any mission or pass any hurdles you will be given rewards. If you cross speed of 100km/hr you will get prizes and bonus. After completing any mission, the players get rewards. You get the chance to unlock motorbikes and you can also get boosters to enhance your rides on the mission.


People from different parts of the world often get disappointed in getting to know that the game has only limited options for the language but here is the good news. You can enjoy the game from any part of the world as there are multiple language options available for the players so that they can enjoy the game with full enthusiasm.


Unlimited money

In this mod version you don’t have to worry about the rewards and money after completing any mission. As the mod version is also known as an UNLOCKED VERSION, you will have unlimited money from the starting itself so that you can use it to customize your bikes and surroundings.

Ads Free

Who likes to have interruptions in between anything? Here is the key to your happiness, this mod apk doesn’t allow Ads to add hurdles in your gameplay. This version is fully ad free so you can enjoy your game without any disturbance.

Free of Charges

You don’t have to pay a single penny on this game. It is a free game so that the players do not spend money if they want to enjoy the game. The developers have decided to provide this game on the internet for all the people willing to enjoy the racing games unlike other games which ask for money in between the levels.

Entirely Unlocked

This is one of the great advantages of downloading a mod version because you get everything unlocked on its own. You don’t have to worry about the features which are locked, you only have to enjoy the game to the fullest without any worries.

Download Details of Traffic Rider Mod APK

How to Download and Install Traffic Rider Mod APK on Android?

Follow the steps given below to download and install the apk.

  • First of all enable installing from the unknown sources to do so go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle the switch to enable it.
  • Now go to the download page to download the apk.
  • Click on the download link to download the Traffic Rider Mod Apk.
  • After the download is complete, locate the APK file in your device’s file manager or the “Downloads” folder.
  • Tap on the APK file to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen and grant any necessary permissions to complete the installation.
  • Once the installation is finished, open the game and enjoy!


No, the play store doesn’t provide a mod version on its platform. You can download the mod version from the link provided in this article.

No, that’s not possible. You have to uninstall the previous old version of the game and install the new available version from our official website to continue to enjoy the game.

YES, the game is free of cost. You don’t have to pay any amount to play and enjoy the game.

YES, you just have to download the games from the link provided in this article and start playing it online to compete with other players present online.

You just have to cross the hurdles along the way and pass the missions to earn more and more points and rewards.


We have provided you with very basic knowledge about this mod version. This game has become one of the favorite games for the players all around the world. It has very easy controls to understand, it provides the user-friendly interface to easily understand the way the game is played. This game is highly recommended game as it is very exciting and thrilling game.

What are you waiting for? Just tap on the link provided, download the app and enjoy your bike rides.